Reply To: Participant Team Check-Ins 12.3

 Juliana Sih





Name: Sarah Bolton 

Date: 12/3/19


Request for Coaching this Week:


  1. $$$ and Clients
  2. My roommate gave his notice, and I want the second room as my office and space for my party supplies, but need another $1000/month to pay for it. Can I make the leap, or what to do next? I would like clarity on best options moving forward. 

Practices I Completed:

  1. Emailed Udo and paid for the books he is shipping me.
  2. Somewhat finished my mermaid costume and wore it for Jennie’s party and got some photos
  3. Google Calendars
  4. Finished painting cabinet for my spa studio- will bring it over tomorrow


Practices that are Incomplete: 


  1. Email Newsletter
  2. Library audition dates
  3. Mara the Mermaid story
  4. Tracking income and expenses
  5. Call 5 people/day
  6. Finish chore chart for the household
  7. Flush out a project design and post in forum

Project #1: The Van Plan

What, by when?:


Next Project Milestone:


Update/Progress this Week: 


Project #2 Badass $$$ Project (TBD)


What, by when? 


Next Project Milestone:


Update/Progress this Week:


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