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 Aarti Mallya

Thanks for you reply and questions. I think I need to explain more detail to then answer those, I’ll try to keep it short and flat.

The biggest things for me right now is my money break down. I have been “swimming up stream.” I have two credit cards with interest balances that have been getting the min payments made. I have mostly stopped adding to those but still add. I have another credit card that is not being charged interest. This card I keep paying on and charging on, trying to keep up where I can avoid interest. I hate interest with passion if I’m the one receiving it. I have my car payment that I have been good on. I have a 401k loan that is $615 a month where I am two months behind. If I go pass three month I will have to pay a lot in interest though the IRS. Oh and I have two tires that are dangerously bald. I just made a 401k payment with a few days to spare and paid for tires and getting them installed on Dec 4th.

I have been driving for Lyft for almost two months, slowly but surly increasing my hours there. For the past 4 weeks I have had the intention of making $700 with Lyft which would require about 40 hours a week. I have not gotten too close, nor have I planed well for it. I am in process of creating, having, and following a winnable schedule. The last two weeks I have hit that goal and that needs to continue for a bit.

Other stuff: In the last 4 to 6 weeks I have had the intention of the Lyft things just said. I took on 30 days of Facebook vulnerability post that are not easy for me and takes a lot of my energy. I took on the practice of talking to two random women a day and signing up for 5 to 10 speed dating events. This was to find my potential soulmate and get out of my comfort zone, connect with others, go past where normally stop and so on.  I have been focusing on scheduling and actually having some fun and doing things with other. That may seem weird but that is hard for me. I stopped having coffee at the house and took my coffee consumption down by probably 90%. I feel there’s a few more things I have taken on that I can’t think of.

Also I now have Sophia in my life that I have mentioned. So with Lyft, Sophia, and trying to have other fun there’s been a lot I’m looking to add into my life that has happened in a sort period of time.

Another thing I have always “said/had a context” I am a slow reader and writer… and perfectionist. What that means is I have spent enormous/disgusting amounts of time and energy on forum post and emails. (Which is one of the big reasons I have ask for a break) My new thing and practice with my schedule is having 5 days of 30 min block time for forum reading and writing. This will be a break though for me in many ways. Along with helping me to speak up and speak quickly…

I have been actually scheduling and being more intentional about my time. I am now seeing how I can incorporate some other things though out my Lyft driving to maximize my time and be able to have it all. (Making phone calls, reading, writing, etc…)


– I’m moving forward on handling my money breakdown

– I am being intentional about my weekly and daily schedule. I am working on and playing with scheduling in everything down to making food, eating, showering, etc…

– I am spending 30 min 5 days a week on reading and writing on AC forum and emails. Once that time is done I’m done. This will elevate pressure of time for me. It will help me to not over think things, say what comes to mind, and just put it out there.



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