Reply To: Bree

 Brittany Cotton

Thanks so much for bringing this LKT. Jeff pointed to this on the other thread as well, but I do think we have been so quick to give training and feedback 1-1, that the whole team misses out on a lot of gold. I am really committed to us empowering this platform so we can support, grow, challenge, and be team together, by doing it… you guessed it: TOGETHER!

The only thing I would add is the humanity of our team, and our actions. One of the things that stands out to me about all of this is the AUTOMATICS, the reaction inside of our habits. Bree is doing what she does when scared, Sabs reacted to save the day and take it on herself to make sure it’s all okay, Juliana was ready/quick to hand off the “scary” conversation. As a reminder so much of what we are doing here, for ourselves and the participants, is to give everyone the gift of choice and action/being outside of automaticity. Notice how quickly we all allow each other to play out our parts. Mine is to jump in fast to make sure its efficient or “right” which often times allows for Jeff to lean back, etc.

My invitation to all of us is to slow downnnnnnnnn. Red flags are normal, its “opportunity to get powerfully represenced to commitment” season! Our work is transformation not instant gratification. I see the opportunity for all of us to lean back a bit so we can notice our own patterns/behaviors, each others, and then give space for ourselves and each other to choose out of it.

My commitment and declaration is to 1. not be the first to speak up in service of a breakthrough control AND causing leadership, 2. Trust first!, 3. say the bold thing, and call each one of us out!

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