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 Aarti Mallya

Sabrina, thanks so much, your love and support along with others means the world to me.

Right now where I’m at, what I’m scared about, excited, and think “I need.” Along with what I’m putting into place to make it happen.

I have been dating Sophia for 6 weeks now. We are currently playing house right now for 8 total nights, tonight will be night 3 🙂

I brought this up to her a few weeks ago as I had the gap in my house sitting schedule. She said to never hesitate about asking her to stay at her place if I need a place to stay. I told her I was kinda of scared to ask cause it’s so soon. Also it wasn’t that I need a place to stay as I still had time and could figure it out like I have for the last year. I saw it as an opportunity. She was an immediate yes without any hesitation and excited about it, as was I.

A few days ago I picked her up from the airport when she got back in town from being outside of the county on some Island for almost a week. Then we started out “playing house.” We have talked many times about extensive traveling. We have now set the date of March 18th to go outside of the country and do some traveling for awhile. Right now I don’t really have much more details than that. Besides thinking maybe though Mexico and going to Costa Rica or who knows.

Anyways I could say many things about the relationship moving fast and so much there. But I have it that is all exciting and not the thing that I’m really feeling the scarcity on much.

It’s the money thing for me to feel comfortable and where I can’t do any Lyft driving. So what I need is to have my 1 client paying $1000 a month and to have 9 others paying $550 or more. For this my educated guess is about 10 sample session to 1 hire.

In service of this…my vision/dreams coming together and having it all my new practices, intentions, and declarations are:

– Take off with Sophia outside of the country the on March 18th.

– Have 10 clients paying $550 or more a month by March 18th.

– Have 5 new sample sessions a week. (I will make another post on my intentions and request people put what they have done for getting clients.)

– I will and invite others to post on GroupMe AM intentions for the day and PM results for client game.

– 2 completions a week with others to be set up.

– Daily acknowledgment from others to be set up.

– Talked with Sophia about 2 hours a week where we work on our goals together. With 1 hours on our own together and 1 together sharing and talking them out. Will start this week and hatch out the details. I’m thinking 1st alone and together. 2nd hour I’m think 15 min each sharing on our own individual goals-What’s working, what’s not, what’s somethings different, etc… Then 30 min on our goals together.

– I will be talking with Sophia this week about checking in with me and how not let me get passed her on my bullshit for when I need support.

Right now I am feeling under the weather. Today I am taking it easy. This week I am incorporating 40 hours of Lyft driving, time with Sophia, AC forum and emails, exercising that I have been slipping up on, creating my pipeline, going to my 1 usual networking event, some phone calls, and incorporating all my structures.

Next week I will be full on with my commitments, giving it everything I’ve got, and getting 5 sample sessions scheduled a week.

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