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 Brittany Cotton

Thanks for the call forth and the Stand!

This statement seems painfully obvious to me, but I am going to say it anyway: its so cool/interesting to see the way things play out in the way they play out. For example– what you brought around the Marco Polo. I know the intention is to be in connection and create intimacy and relationship as a team, and I also notice its a place to play it safe. Since its the connection place, we aren’t reliable to bring the boldness or challenge there, or so I am asserting. I love the insight into our lives, and I also see whats missing. Im wondering whats the both/and? Can we be at cause to bring the ALL of it here? Or really save Marco polo for connection, groupme for the program weekends, and Forum for everything else? Either way I agree with Jeff and I think it would support our program and ourselves to bring more of our communication, training, support, stand, etc here, I’m aligned!

I see that we are being safe and careful with each other. I notice a conversation around what is needed or necessary for relationship versus generating relationship by simply being the work with each other. Im all for getting up under each other, and trusting each other to do so. I know sometimes I get nervous myself about bringing certain things to certain people, choosing from my fear is not fair to anyone. So, you can count on me to bring it.

Speaking of team being, can we get an update from T and Sabrina in what they have created around each other?


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