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I think there’s a both/and with forum and Marco Polo. I think MP is good for just random and quick check-ins. It’s just so much more accessible than logging into the forum on a computer (for me, because I’m not going to type something long on my phone). For instance, that day I freaked out on my staff and went outside to cry and turned on Marco Polo… You would have totally missed all of that if I waited until I was back at my computer. I’d worked myself out by then. But it meant a lot to me to share that moment with you all so you could see how my stuff shows up for me and get to know my life better.

Personally I don’t see that we are being safe and careful with each other. I don’t see that for myself, anyway. I do from a perspective of not being sure when it’s appropriate for me to speak up on something (which Jeff coached me through today — thanks, buddy!), but not from a tip-toe-be-nice-let-things-slide place. For me it’s more that I’m not super confident I should say what I’m thinking sometimes. But it’s not about being safe or careful. It’s about needing permission. So that is the thing that I am going to be working on.

So, yeah. I have been sort of waiting for an invitation from both Sabs and T to make the next steps in building that relationship. I almost (but didn’t) reached out to T to see if she would meet me in SLO when I’m there later this month so we can do a Couple’s I exercise with Sabs. And then if she said yes I was going to see if Sabs was in. And I didn’t reach out to either yet because I was waiting for permission I guess. So, ladies, what do you say?? I’ll be in SLO December 21-24. Could we arrange a get together?

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