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 Juliana Sih

I am enrolled in the words that this post says. I don’t know what my hold up is with forum, maybe that I feel like it takes me a long time to write something, or I can’t seem to convey what I actually want in words, or that I can only access this on my computer. Which is my stuff! I notice that having 3 different places to either share/connect, request support, or bring a conversation has me a little lost, feels like things are left hanging and at other times overwhelmed.

So team being (for me)… Sorta feels the same, I’m left hanging, or lost about what is happening in people lives.

I know our intention is to produce the best coach training program in the world and to generate our breakthroughs and have a support structure. Are we using this structure for its bestest and highest purpose? Going to bring this to my coach.

Questions that come to mind: How can we play off each other strengths and strengthen our weaknesses? What would shift in team if we used this structure to its fullest capacity? What would that look like? What is our intimacy level as a team? In what ways do we show up for team? In what ways do we not?

This was probably not exactly what you were asking and I don’t even want to post this, but here it goes anyway.

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