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 Sabrina Pratt

This is great- thanks for bringing it Jeff!

I got hella triggered being called out- haha. And then wandered around the grocery store tonight after my class being like “well, if people are gonna call me out on if I am in or out then I will be OUT! no, wait, I will be IN! I will show them! haha- no, wait! I will stop waffling around and that’ll really show them!” So, yeah, so perfect! hahaha. Ahhhh. I am so stoked that I picked me to be on this rocket ride around the sun with. I’m hilarious. When I got home I was like “well, let’s see what I bought. I can’t even remember.” Incomplete grocery shopping=dangerous gamble

Phew. I am also happy to be on this ride with all of you. I, too, echo Nichole’s words with: I am super willing to say all the things all the time. I am just not sure what is from incompletion, my SM, leader, friend, my essence, my higher self, my angel, my psychic, my teacher or my unsolicited ego-driven advice-giver. So, I am nervous about speaking up and taking more action with this team. I don’t fully trust where my awareness and noticing comes from within me. I often feel that I “mis-step” on this team. Like today when I contacted Bri. I thought I was doing a great thing by stepping up, being the One, supporting Julianna quickly and also supporting Bri. I did encourage Bri to take everything we talked about and more to her coach and her team.

I then received some training (which I appreciate!) that passed through a filter of “see what was missed by acting so fast, your fast action kept this breakthrough from your team- please calm down” so I was like “whoops.” It’s like “yes, create urgency and do the thing and get into action but also pause and slow down.”

So, I find myself in a place that I often find myself with AC and with this leadership team. Confused and like I don’t know where to step so I just don’t step at all. Sometimes I say the thing and peeps get triggered and then I “get in trouble” and end up feeling horrible and crying. Happy to get up under team. Also scared. Also confused and feeling stuck.

I am working on a longer more comprehensive reply and will post by noon on Friday.

I basically just started writing this ramble to say: SUPER HAPPY TO DO THE COUPLE’S I exercise. It makes me want to puke to think about. I am already terrified and embarrassed. So, I gotta say yes to that! Really looking forward to a relationship breakthrough all over the place!!!

Love you so much, team, wouldn’t wanna be at this rodeo with anyone else;


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