Reply To: Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating

 Charlie Horn

Nichole thanks for sharing all of this. Its so great to be reminded of what you have shared about your childhood and your struggles because I don’t see that or remember that part of you when I see you or are interacting with you. I am always present to the person you are and the judgments you have about yourself aren’t what I experience of you at all. You are kind and caring and leader assertive powerful loving. Now I’m seeing we all do the same thing and we all have our stuff to work on. How cool to be working in the subconscious around something you see as a place of growth. What as the process? Its really cool too that you are able to notice what comes up for you with your mom. She is so lucky to have you and it is so normal to be reactive to our parents. They were the ones to keep us alive and safe and they are the perfect target for our feelings to be focused on whether it is frustration or anger or love.

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