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 Tiffany Turner

This thread is GOLD! Thanks for bringing it, Jeff.

I’ve loved, and celebrate, the process we’re in of adding a new structure (Marco Polo), and being in the conversation to distinguish the role we empower it to play. I see an opportunity for forum to be the default for all communication outside of modules, and MP to be a place for sharing what’s happening in our lives in any given moment. In writing this, I realize that I don’t hold myself accountable to responding to everything people share on MP, so I’ll pop on to share what’s so with me, and I get the experience of seeing what’s so with others. I’m aligned and empowered in bringing the rest to forum!

In this post, I’m reminded that we get to relate to our team now, just like we did our participant year. That this is the place to practice, get it wrong, and LEARN. My fear of messes keeps me from playing full out as Leader, and that’s been in the way of Standing for others, putting in training when I see it, and bringing the next level of myself, As Coach, to this team – where I get to get it wrong and get better as a coach, because of how we hold space.

What I see most available for Team, is to celebrate the process. I’m present to that well-intended Right/Wrong filter that a lot of us play life through, and I don’t see room for that to stay here. Sabs, the whole Bree thing, I think it was PERFECT. Like, completely perfect. I actually had the training LKT put in on forum, and I didn’t put it in in the moment, because I was scared I was going to mess up. And that’s perfect too, because it caused some new conversations that create new awarenesses for us.

So here-forth, I declare to Celebrate The Process on this team. We’re in a made-up program, with made-up CoS, with made-up tools and frameworks, and I’m gonna make up how I play here. Will y’all join me?


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