Reply To: CG breakdown to breakthrough

 Juliana Sih

Just wanted to give everyone an update –

I did not get hired last week. I had 2 sample sessions that led to a follow-up. Next week I have 3 sample session scheduled on Monday and a follow-up call on Wednesday. My declaration is to get hired twice next week.

I want to own that I have a client completing at the end of next week. We are having a conversation Thursday to share what I see for her in continuing our partnership. If she completes that will leave me at 2 FP. I noticed I have been scared to tell team because of shame AND its been a power leak for the past few weeks. And all the power leaks lead to me suffering. And I’m already really good at that, so I’m trying something different and taking full responsibility.

On the plus side, I am playing client game consistently. This past week I asked for referrals, connected with people on Linkedin, organized my pipeline, updated contact info, created a system to track metrics, reading a sales book, created templates, organized a workshop and drafted a flyer for my business. Taking lots baby steps on creating this pipeline machine and getting my client game handled. I know I am going to get hired, this shall be!

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