Reply To: Coaching Flyer


When it comes to fliers like these, people will read them. I know there’s a belief that “people don’t read” when it comes to marketing. Like you have to dumb it down so much. But that’s mostly online. People are in the habit of media snacking. They read headlines and feel informed. But something like this people will take the time to read, especially if it speaks to them. The content has to be compelling. The number one thing you can practice for marketing is writing copy. If people are draw in to what you are saying, you can paint a picture that they will want to be a part of. Yes, be clear, concise, compelling, and make sure the layout is clean and easy to read. But don’t hold back on content. It could be fun to even lay it out editorial style and give them something to read while they’re getting their nails done or whatever it is that bridesmaids to together. Haha. Happy to take another look at it when you’re ready. xo

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