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 Aarti Mallya

I have been silent and scared to call anyone out on anything for two reasons, maybe three.

1. Who am I to be saying anything to anyone when I got so many breakdowns over here. Specifically in client game in a coaches training program.

2. If I call people out then I will have to call myself forth and come out into the light where it’s scary.

3. I feel weak, small, stupid, and so on. Along with my shit shouldn’t be. I put myself where I’m at and I let things go to far and I’m in this whole because of me. So it’s up to me to get myself back up and out of my shit. That I shouldn’t be a burden on other people for me. That other people have a lot more on their plate or busy or whatever. For so many years of my life I have typically felt like the most power person in the room. Now that I don’t all over the place I feel more like a burden to people.

There’s a say help me help you I’m thinking of right now. If we all actually played out loud and asked for support or even just said what is up and got feed back or challenged what could that create for everyone. Help me help you on a team is a constant build up and up leveling of each other.

I’m starting to go into a tangent in my head. So I’m just going to end with I am aligned with bring more, playing fuller, playing out loud, play together, and play for all of your greatness with bold integrity for all. Also I welcome and actually get excited when people call me out. So it is a bread though for me to call me out. But I need to be call out too at the moment.


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