Reply To: Vacay-who?!

 Brittany Cotton

Hi Team– wanted to touch base before I sign off for the next couple of days!

As a reminder, and thanks for catching this originally Nichole 🙂 I will be not on  calls Tuesday or Wednesday. As we go up the coast for surf spots, my service will likely be shoddy, so I won’t be available much until Thursday. I will be coaching Valerie and Steve on Thursday, per our regularly scheduled calls. Steve’s first co coaching call is turned in, and Valerie has declared to have hers to me the first week of January. Valerie and her guest client Tiffany are coaching weekly, and Valerie’s request last week was “how do I coach someone with the same stuff as me.” It was a great conversation :e

This morning we gave my dad his first surprise which were hats we had made. We walked into the lobby where we were meeting him, and it was so cute seeing him realized we were all wearing the same hat and then figuring out what they said. He started crying he was so happy. It was adorable. Cant wait to see his reaction tomorrow morning when we have our matching shirts on. My mom also got ALL of their friends and colleagues to send 1 min video messages celebrating him, so we have a 40 minute video compilation with music and pictures to surprise him with on Tuesday. Bah! I’m so excited!

Hope everyone has a great week!e

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