Reply To: Team Being


Hey Mike here’s your call out. You see it and have distinguished what’s needed. You know how your SM shows up. We cannot do it for you. I’m excited to get some more of you, and it remains to be seen if we will <3

As for date night. It went so well. The conversation over dinner was kind of “meh” but we got the connection – and the skin time 😉 – we needed. I showed up in my power and it was distinct from the norm and it generated a shift in our relationship. I woke up Sunday morning excited to process it in my morning pages and I explored areas and had insights about my leadership in my marriage and our connection that were new and oh so welcomed! I took on completion that afternoon because I noticed guilt showed up and some sadness – Eloise’s energy is so huge it was absolutely a missing for me to have her not there and my head voice was making me wrong for “sending her away to get what I needed” – it didn’t know what to do with the peace and ease with which I stepped into my body and heart the night before – but getting complete served me and I allowed myself to indulge in the space I’d created. This morning was a breeze and we all left for work/school mid belting out lyrics from John Travolta & Olivia Newton John’s “You’re the one that I want” –> which I’m sure was no coincidence, my essence always colludes with Spirit to have my singing just the right song after I generate a breakthrough. That’s one of my favorite things about me =)

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