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Thanks for fully owning this and checking in. I’m so sorry for my silence on this subject as I realize I have a unique contribution.

Fully aligned on you being absent from calls this week. But not enrolled. And I get it was not your intention to enroll us in this part. Where the juicy enrollment comes in for me is around who you have been being overall, the results you’ve been generating for yourself and the team AND the commitment to wellbeing is enrolling as hell.

I do have a few questions that I put in both from curiosity, B, as well as in service of training for the team, and then team – let me know what you hear…

I notice half of our team’s voices are missing on this thread. Since your first post, have you created any conversations outside of the forum posts around generating our team’s full alignment?

Was it your intention NOT to bring enrollment around your absences on the call? I know our team has a few different relationships to a teammate missing calls, and to bringing enrollment / owning presence and absence so will you share your intention?

Simply tracking the posts on this thread, I notice that I would not be aligned if any one of us brought it the way you did, and I’m curious if you’re present to what you may have just trained us in.

As for the 31st and 1st I have it there’s no enrollment/alignment needed, as they are a part of AC’s posted 5th week dates =)

You will be missed and MAY YOU HAVE AN AMAZING TIME!



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