Reply To: Participant Check Ins 12/10

 Sabrina Pratt

This is Lesa’s check in received via email on 12/2/19. We have our coaching calls on Wednesdays. When I emailed her today to check in around the check in she said she thought she was supposed to send it on Tuesdays but is empowered to send on Mondays by 3pm moving forward.

Lesa also had her essence conversation scheduled with me for the day today but she rescheduled. We will have that complete and done this week, by EOD Friday. We will find a new time by eod tomorrow.

Lesa’s Check in from 12/2/19:

Hope you are having a good evening!  My brain is rather fried after today because it’s been quite stressful and so I wanted to send a quick check in, but I’m not going to use the typical format (mostly because it will likely just look empty given I haven’t had a lot I’ve been able to accomplish).
So, some key points:
* Still working on MOPAS, watched the movies but haven’t had much time for anything else.
* To be honest, I’ve been extremely triggered around the coaching thing for several reasons (and this is likely what I’d like to work on during our next call).  I feel very defeated at the moment and I’m having a hard time snapping out of it.  This is what we coached around on our call last week.
*This last one has been one of the busiest weeks of the year for me (I thought it wouldn’t be as bad this year but it was and then some).  I have done what I can when I can, but coaching stuff has been on the back burner.  My resources feel depleted so I’ve been trying to just get done what I need to do for work and my kids and I haven’t focused much on anything else.
* I got two project designs done– well being and YouTube channel.  Once I get a chance to type them out so they aren’t scribbles and scrawls, I’ll get them sent over to check out 🙂
More to fill in on later!  I know this isn’t the norm for format, but I promised to check in and I wanted to make sure I came through.
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