Reply To: Check-in for the BIG TIME LEADERS!

 Sabrina Pratt





DATE: 12/9/19

PC/LIT NAME: Sabrina Pratt



PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: Lesa has rescheduled or cancelled last minute quite a bit. She has brought overwhelm, lack of focus and disorganization to our calls. I am happy to have a conversation with her around how this pattern is expressing itself here in our coaching agreement- I would like some training on how to bring that conversation!

Client Game: reinvention- I am in integrity with lots of room for growth toward full pay coach

Current FP Clients: 3

Clients through AC: 3

Coach Paid: yes

Clients Paid: yes 

Insurance: Yes

Holding anything: No

Sample Sessions had Last 7 days: 0

Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 0 confirmed 

By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? To be in integrity with my commitment to my client game project design- I need to be hired 2 more times by 12/31/19


My Projects:


  1. Coaching Practice: Create 1 Full coaching practice of 10 full pay clients by 2/20/20

Milestone: 5 Full pay clients by 12/31/19

Update: have been sick this week and am totally out of integrity with the action needed to generate my next milestone


  1. Certification Project: Achieve ACC Certification by 1/29/20

Update: Will create enrollment with PCC by 12/15/19 to review call


  1. Central Coast Comedy Theater

Update: bowling/movie day was a crazy success, I am getting closer and closer to my community, I have begun prep for Improv Festival in January, need to write up code of ethics, waiver and secure better insurance 


  1. Book writing project

Update: in reinvention process

Next Milestone: have reinvented project design with online course addition completed by 12/23/19


  1. House project

Ongoing making my house amazing project

Update: none this week


  1. Community & Connection Project

Update: planning ladies witchy vision board night for 12/29/19


# of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: 1


PARTICIPANT NAME 1: Lesa Hudspeth: Lesa continues to be at effect of her life circumstances and is hanging tight to her context of “not enough” time, love, space, money- you name it. She and I have great conversations but I do not see the full commitment to the actions that will actually generate the shifts in her life. She has not passed essence conversation and keeps rescheduling that call and our coaching calls in general. She has forgotten our calls a few times. 

PARTICIPANT NAME 2: Andrew Mai: Andrew has passed his essence conversation as of 12/8/19. He seems motivated and enthusiastically empowered around AC and starting his coaching practice. He has one complimentary session scheduled for this week! Andrew did report that he is “freaking out at times” and seems caught up in his head/the right way to do things/how he appears to others.


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