Reply To: Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating

 Brittany Cotton

Wow Nichole. I have said it before and I will say it again, being invited into the inner workings of your life and mind is such a blessing. I can resonate so much with what you were sharing about the way your mom annoys you. For me its my sister. Your writing is so real and captivating I was right back thinking to all the things I think up that annoy me about her- the way she drags the fork against her teeth as she eats, how she makes this incredibly judgmental face if you say anything remotely outside of the way she thinks about it, the way she lays in bed, this gap in her tooth. Its all so horrible (that I think this, not that these things happen). The other day I caught myself, and was like oh my gosh Brittany STOP. This is so ridiculous and mean.

I feel like such a human and not alone by you sharing all of that. So thank you.

Is there any way we can support you in feeding your brain, and appreciations for strength, coordination, fun, and peace?? Or even around food?

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