Reply To: Vacay-who?!

 Tiffany Turner

LKT – I’ve been noodling on what hooks me about Enrollment with you, and I want to share what I see, out loud.

I suspect I’ve put you on a pedestal when it comes to Enrollment, something like, “She’s been doing it years longer than me! With steeper gradient! She knows it, leads it, and does it right.” From this place, I’ve related to how you Be about enrollment, as a trainer for our teams, and this is what I’ve been trained in: Stand fiercely so as to Cause a breakthrough, don’t allow it to be easy/it has to be complicated, and find the gaps to support more/bigger breakthroughs.

I’m not sure if those are things you wanted to train me in, so it’d be great to hear what you’re intending to model for us!

I’m not aligned in enrollment having to be complicated and hard, and I’m not sure that that’s what you want or intend to bring either. Can we partner and create a team Being around enrollment that for reals supports and generates what we’re all up to?

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