Reply To: Next-Level Qual Game

 Tiffany Turner

Alright alright alright!

I’d love everyone’s voices here as Qual is a game that impacts every level of team.

This is what I see as common pitfalls of qualification:

  • Not sharing a client game breakdown soon enough
  • Overwhelm/paralysis
  • Unwilling to get out of our own Comfort Zone
  • Holdings/incompletion

These are some of the ideas Juliana and I came up with to support the common pitfalls:

  • Not sharing a client game breakdown soon enough – I’d like to add a standing agenda item to Production calls that anyone who’s within 30 days of falling out of qual, so not in a qual breakdown, but at risk of falling into a qual breakdown, bring that and share it on Production. The intention here being higher visibility to everyone’s qualification. Then we can support one-another outside of Production, but at least we’ll flatly know who’s at risk (I suggest bringing this to Production because not everyone is on Co-Coaching).
  • Overwhelm/paralysis – I’d love for everyone to share one strategy the have to overcome overwhelm/paralysis. For me, I make a To-Do list, and I tie the amount of time each item on that list will take. Once I’m clear what needs to be done and how much time it takes, I usually let go of my overwhelm immediately.
  • Unwilling to get out of our own Comfort Zone – I’m going to own a forum thread around “Ideas for getting hired.” The stand is for everyone to bring their voices and share as they come up with ideas and new, creative ways to build a full practice. I’ll also be At Cause for reaching out to AC people across the company, and bringing ideas to the thread once a week.
  • Holdings/incompletion – Weekly completion as a requirement. What if we held the same commitment to completion, as we do attending Production calls? For anyone in a qualification breakdown, weekly completion calls as a requirement, and to be included as part of our weekly integrity check on our Leader Check-Ins.

These are just some ideas, and I’d love to build more! Please share/play out loud!

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