Reply To: Jonathan K.

 Tiffany Turner

I’m really glad to hear that Jonathan has self-identified how pot usage is in the way of some of his goals, and I’m excited to see the transformation available in his sobriety!

Nichole, would you be willing to practice your leadership by sharing what you see, and then asking team for what else they see? I notice a pattern of sharing with you that lands as reporting – “this is what Jon said, this is what I said, now what rule/parameter do I follow next?”

Reporting isn’t bad or wrong, we’re just up to leadership in a different way in AC, and I wonder what becomes available in your businesses and relationships when reporting is just one of the ways you communicate information, and not the default.

I’m happy to share what I see for him, and I’ll leave a little space for you to swing again before I bring what I have.


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