Reply To: Next-Level Qual Game

 Aarti Mallya

Not sharing a client game breakdown soon enough – Agree but I  think  may be it should be the last item and if run out of time for that person to bring it forum. Along with weekly updates on forum and requests for support. Also for people like me who do not have the minimums for what they have desired whatever that means for you should be posting, talking, and asking for support. (My first phase is to get to 3 clients to get on co-coaching call along with other reasons).

Overwhelm/paralysis – What is being most helpful for me lately and a work in progress is mapping out all the things and putting that into a weekly schedule. Having time constants and being much more intentional about my week. Labeling how it goings and using it all as feed back and a way to grow. Along with looking and adjusting daily.

Unwilling to get out of our own Comfort Zone – Love this and I have had the idea and not post about asking everyone what are the top 3 ways they have used/done to get clients that have been the most effective. I will either post my question on your thread or just start a thread with it if I don’t see your post.

Holdings/incompletion – Love it, just posted before this for me to be on a completion diet.

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