Reply To: Jonathan K.

 Brittany Cotton

Thanks Nichole!

First- No, there is no specific protocol around supporting our participants in getting a therapist. If we have someone we know and trust, awesome. And if not you can support the participant in accountability, research, etc. You bringing it here is awesome, in case someone days have a great referral. But other than that there is no specific way to go about this.

Second- what is missing for me is a declaration from you and him on when his payment will be flat. I don’t find it coincidence that there isn’t one here, and you yourself are working on declare and fulfill– something in fact our whole team is looking at!! Other than that, I would also love to know what he is putting in place moving forward other than therapy, and different money spending choices, in terms of getting ahead of this. Or are those the two big structures you two were looking at? I just wasn’t clear.

Third- I don’t know why I’m counting these…

Four- Similar to what T put in, I notice you have a pattern of bringing us what has occurred and then asking whats next or what we see. In service of your leadership I challenge you to bring what you see, and then open it up to us. I get that with this scenario you were looking for specific protocol you may not be privy to, AND I know that you have ideas and ways of looking/doing things that are fucking amazing, that we are may occasionally miss out on if you go right to how we would/might do it. Not from make wrong, but from literally being the person who now has me looking at stuff differently all the time, I love that about you, and welcome it. As we have spoken before, I think given this company over to you, we would have 24 participants in every program. So I SO SO SO see the power and magic of your brand of vision mixed with ACs being incredibly epic.

Love Britt


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