Reply To: Participants December 17

 Sabrina Pratt

Name: Andrew Mai


Date: 12/16/2019


Request for Coaching this Week: 

Go over my “Lone Puppy” survival mechanism

(Working on myself/getting clients is draining me/making me feel lonely)

Work on time context (I never have enough time, time is scarce)

What’s holding me back from really reaching for clients?


Practices I completed:

Completed one complimentary session

Reached out to team for support on loneliness at work (isolation)

Reached out to new friends to make plans (hang out)

Reached out to more prospective clients (Eric C, Earl)

Posted outreach video on Instagram


Practices that are incomplete:     

Do the two extra conversations I declared I would do.

Finish Dating project design.

Finish Friends project design.

Post updated video on Youtube (where’ve I been)


Project #1: 

What by When:       5 paying clients by 3/20/2020

Next Project Milestone:      12/2/2019

Update/Progress this Week:  Have one complimentary session completed. Essence convo scheduled.



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