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 Juliana Sih


Name: Bree Date: 12/15/19

Request for Coaching This Week: Not sure yet….I may need to revisit the topic of anger and depression. The last few days have been extremely difficult. I can’t seem to get myself back into “being” fast enough.

Practices I completed: Finished up some MoPAs at the last minute. Passed the Essence Conversation. Got my first partial pay client. (Another will start mid January and I have the contract signed.)

Practices that are incomplete: Most of the MoPAs. 

Project #1: Get 6 coaching clients (at least 2 that are full pay):  

What by When: 1/1/20

Next Project Milestone: Get 2 pro bono, 2 partial pay, and 2 full pay (I have one guest client)

Update/Progress this Week: Getting out there and marketing myself.

Project #2: Reach 6A2 in my business: 

What by When: 12/31/20

Next Project Milestone: 6A2-2

Update/Progress this Week: My team is growing

Project #3: Grow my social media following:  

What by When: 10,000 followers by 12/31/20

Next Project Milestone: 20,000 followers

Update/Progress this Week: N/A

Project #4: Start writing a book:  

What by When: Framework done by 12/31/20 

Next Project Milestone: Write the book

Update/Progress this Week: Visualized I was a bestselling author

Project #5: Get out of debt:  

What by When: by 3/1/20

Next Project Milestone: 

Update/Progress this Week: 

Project #6: Move to Maui:  

What by When: by 10/1/20

Next Project Milestone: Buy a house in Maui

Update/Progress this Week: Will create a project design around this before December.


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