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 Juliana Sih

Sarah “Bolty”


Name: Sarah Bolton 

Date: 12/19/19

Request for Coaching this Week:

  1. Review the Van Plan Project Design and Email Newsletter Project Design
  2. TBD???

Practices I Completed:

  1. Printed a pic of Yoda
  2. Taking deep breaths before speaking and being more intentional with words I use (avoiding filler words such as “like, umm, err, ahh, you know, etc.).

Practices that are Incomplete: 

  1. Email Newsletter
  2. Mara the Mermaid story
  3. Tracking income and expenses
  4. Call 5 people/day
  5. Flush out a project design and post in forum

Project #1: The Van Plan

What, by when?:

Next Project Milestone:

Update/Progress this Week: 

Project #2 Badass $$$ Project (TBD)

What, by when? 

Next Project Milestone:

Update/Progress this Week:


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