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 Brittany Cotton

Hey Jeff,

Im present to a pattern in your leadership that leads to incomplete work, you not actually getting what you asked for or intended, and things slipping through the cracks. The most base and simple way my experience of it goes is like this: you have a conversation with someone or multiple people–whether it be you and LKT, you Kerry and I, or you myself and LKT- where something important or significant is distinguished and discussed, and you declare yourself The One to bring it to team/forum/the person etc. What is brought is missing “the chunk”, the context or the gold, the meat/bones of the conversation,  and what you ask for you isn’t produced, and what was a chance for team and individuals to be at cause leads to breakdowns and at effect consequences.

I notice that T nor Nichole answered with what you requested. What can you distinguish about that? What I see, and of course just a stab at an assertion, is that incomplete leadership generates incomplete results/work/ownership.

On our leader call we looked at the importance of these two weeks from an elevated place- the contexts of our team, the participants, how it goes with money, how it goes on vacations/breaks, what we all ought to take on NOW in service of getting ahead of January 1st payments, etc- and I’m curious what had you not bring the majority of that? I know you and LKT are partnering on Team Being/Production, but since she’s not currently on those calls I relate to you as The One to bring it back to team. Im curious what you see around what we discuss to bring to team and then what actually gets brought?

Some curiosity I have for you is: What is your relationship to being the One? I notice a pattern on this team of not owning our impact and who we are for this team, I can totally see how I added to this in terms of my vacation last week. What can you see about you being the clearing for it? What, if anything, do you see is missing from this post in relation to the conversation we had on our leader call? And what has it go this way?

In service of our program, participants, and all of us truly empowering this work AND OUR VACATIONS, would you be willing to swing again?


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