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 Jeff Miller

Thanks for what you put in Brittany. Yes I can now see the breakdown in my post versus all of the items that were discussed. I think, I have a love affair with efficiency and bottom lining. It might be related to an automatic feeling of not wanting to get in the weeds since it might get messy. But this is definitely something for me to monitor with myself. I also notice that I write forum posts very quickly. This most likely creates a mini time context in the moment which has me leave out details where I need to reflect and instead I just simplify and report.

I can definitely own that this has a great impact in team. Just in the responses I have received within this thread I can see that. This is not my commitment to “Speed” own things and not Be with the details in order to support everyone creating their breakthroughs.

Swing #2….

Hey Team,

On our leader call earlier this week, myself, Kerry and Brittany had a great conversations around our team, participants and the upcoming break. What we noticed was this idea of leaving things to the last moment and playing a hide and seek game with deadlines and circumstances. For example, we all know that we get paid at the beginning of the month and tuition is due at the beginning of the month. But how many times have we been caught off guard or surprised when one of our participants has not paid or we haven’t been paid by our clients? I know I have been guilty of this several times. How amazing would it be if we created full ownership and proactiveness within all of our games and this program? If we really got up under ourselves and our participants?

We also discussed how people in general are wacky with money and specifically when clients complete. With these topics, I notice the same conversation happening internally. Almost like clients completing is a bad thing. This is also something I have made up. I am sure Kerry or CDM are not working with any clients from their first year of coaching. Clients completing is part of what we do. How we related to completion is our job and where the magic happens. This is something I have been working on with myself for the past few months and creating empowerment around the process for myself and my clients.

So who is up for breakthroughs in ownership, money and completion? What do you all see for yourselves? For the team? For the participants?

Getting back to my original request, can you all please let us know your availability, and if you are not available during certain times, please be at cause to have someone on the team be the one for your participants. Thanks for allowing me to swing again in service of my growth.

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