Reply To: 5th week (s) availability

 Jeff Miller

Thanks T and Nichole for the feedback. Let me attempt to clarify.

My specific request for payments is that we write on this thread what kind of payment plan our participants are on? How will they be making their payment on January 1st? Are they empowered around this? On a larger conversation, how many of us are treating are own finances proactively? Or being proactive with our projects? What is the value of this being a team conversation? Does this land for everyone?

T, in regards to completion, I see that this as the same conversation. Sometimes my clients are heading towards the end of their contract and I don’t bring things up until a week out. This is not being proactive or having full ownership here. Definitely not my commitment at all. What if we all had this mindset and modeled this for our participants? What would be possible for them?


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