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! “The chunk” <3 LOVE.

Swing 2 is yummy Jeff – AND it’s simple and makes sense – despite the fact that I think it’s the longest forum post EVER I’ve seen from you (high five emoji!)

What I get is you’re saying people (we) are wacky with payments and clients completing. Like it’s somehow bad or means we’re not running a live client game.

I sent out invoices today for January! I also have my clients mark their calendars before the first at a date they choose – and a date after the 1st on a date they choose, that has them looking ahead and also alerted if they somehow missed their deadline. This isn’t fool proof, of course, as people resist money working (me too) but it has me mostly aware and on top of it.

My experience of this conversation is it’s a little managy: “post when you’re available for your clients” but I LOVE the inherent training I’m being reminded of: Practice being fully at cause for your presence – and absence! When I intend to be fully UNavailable for my clients I let them know and I ask them what structure they will set up in case they want a check-in (or sometimes I enroll a fellow coach to be my back-up which I love when my coach does).

I will be OFF Dec 24-29, Dec. 31st and Jan (!!!) 1st, working and available on the Dec 23rd, 30th and Jan 2nd.

Happy Friday.

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