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 Aarti Mallya

T. thanks for letting us in.

I am confused your worried about falling below program coach qualification of 3 clients, talking about declaring Lit which needs 4 clients min, and then you want to stop after this year is up. Also you talk about getting a job. I see and know you as such a great coach that could totally get 10 to 15 clients paying $1,100 a month or whatever you want and to be making over $100,000 a year. Is that just me or what do you see there T. I thought you just had your self at a full practice of 4 because you wanted time for other things. Can you clarify that?

With the subbing I see it could be a great and cool opportunity to play and learn with others for sure. In regards to what you say about the judgments/holdings/expectations. I have it that is our commitment of  everyone to not be having judgments and holding against each other and expectations are to be out in the with any of that. Along with expectations of standing for each others greatness. Now not to say those don’t go differently but that’s part of the point I think for the real life, real relations, real team stuff and growth opportunities. Is it that you want go play with another team for the learning and… or is there more to say on the judgement/holdings/expectations that your not say? Also I see going to play with another team even just for a weekend along with the phone calls has you taken away from creating more clients or the job you want. I see you taking on a lot with a lot of AC things which may be preventing you from gaining more clients and having a breakthrough for you there. As well as getting you a desired job.

Hope all that lands and didn’t get confusing.

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