Reply To: Mike & Charlie – Call Forth

 Tiffany Turner

Thanks to both of you for reading and responding.

Charlie, will you continue to practice speaking inside of your intention. I notice I got lost in your post, and it wasn’t until the last few lines that I was clear in what your intention was. Could you clarify, are you out of qualification as a Support Coach? I wasn’t sure from your post.

I also notice the opposition to what I reflected about your cycle. Regardless of what the circumstance is – Lillian, Amber, business priorities, family qualms – can you see the pattern of your circumstances running the show?  Do you see anything around how our team has been trained in letting your circumstances run your life? Is that what you want from team? To lean back and leave you in your circumstances? If it isn’t, what do you want team to stand for, for you?

Mike – thanks for owning that this post took you out! I especially love what you reflected about how your automatic wants people to leave you alone. Could we align that the intention of this post is a stand for that automatic to get broken up? Last I checked, Connection is one of your biggest and brightest intentions on this earth. 🙂

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