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 Tiffany Turner

Thank you all for your thoughtful responses! I’m going to respond to the bits that most landed for me, and the questions that provoked thought in a new area for me (so new awarenesses/conversation).

Jeff, you’re spot on that this is more of the same pattern of mine in protecting against a breakdown. I can celebrate that I the Protection piece isn’t as charged or freaked out as it used to be, but it’s still Protection. I’m going to take a request to my coach around What For Protect from Breakdowns.

I have very few structures in place in service of my client game. I’m mostly cruising along, letting my client game go however it goes. When I feel like it, I follow up with prior, Yes Buts. When I feel like it, I reach out to people to offer sample sessions. And when I feel like it, I ask someone for a referral. All happen randomly based on my own willingness. From this place, I don’t see a breakthrough in client game available. And I’m not willing to be in more action. I choose a steady job where I make steady income so as to support this upcoming chapter.

I also love coaching and have no intention of giving it up. I see myself in a 25-30 hour/week Organizational Development-type role where coaching is an integrated part of my day-to-day, and from that place, I get to have it all: the income, coaching people, and flexibility of schedule.

Nichole & Mike, thanks for the acknowledgement inside your reflections. I would love to have 10-15 clients at $1100/month, and for that to be my primary source of income. Recently I haven’t had sample sessions very often, and last I checked my hire rate was 5%. So one hire for every 20 SS. One of the things I get taken out by in client game is that I think I’m a great coach! And yet, I have this evidence that I must not be because I don’t have a booming practice, and then my stubbornness has me completely unwilling to create it differently. This is my normal quitting pattern, loud and clear.

One thing I can see in all this that I want to share, is that I don’t have any feeling of “needing to figure it out.” I’m clear on what I want to create, and I’m clear that there’s a lot of ways to create it, and I’m open and willing to receive it however it goes.

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