Reply To: CG breakdown to breakthrough

 Juliana Sih

Thanks T and LKT for the support. I got complete around my client game this morning and it got me back on track.

I want to own that I am still at 3FP and it’s a breakdown that I am not at 4FP right now. I am back from Christmas and in full-swing and excited to keep playing. I am playing for the marathon, the long haul and quitting is fully and officially off the table (Thats a win). Having quitting on the table has caused me a lot of suffering and my SM likes to suffer. Consistency, trust and flow is going to be the key(s) to creating my next level client game breakthrough.

I am still in process, and creating other small breakthroughs along the way. My declaration is to be fully qualified by module, NSNK.

I will be posting more tomorrow, but I felt that I wanted to give you all an update.

Merry Christmas team! Hope you all are enjoying the holidays 🙂

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