Reply To: Getting clients


I enjoyed reading that, Sabs!

Mike, my strategies are similar to Sabrina’s. I have been building relationships for years and I am very active on social media. I notice when someone posts something that is an opening for a conversation about coaching. The first person who hired me posted on Facebook about how awful her week had been. I told her we should chat, and we did. But I already had a relationship with her. I knew what she had been going through and I could see it was still affecting her. That’s what we talked about and she wound up hiring me. I didn’t dance around it. I let her know that I saw something for us both in working together.

I also have a lot of local connections that I’ve developed over the years by being involved in the entrepreneur community. One of my best friends owns a co-working space, so I can reliably reach people there and I’m top of the list when it comes to referrals–again, because I have established relationships and a good reputation. Find your community. Whether it be a networking group, co-working group, or anything.

If I didn’t already have the foundation that I have with my social media audience and connections in the entrepreneur community, right now I’d be working on building that and going to as many events as possible to connect with people. Like Sabs, I’d be offering SS to anyone who was willing and the least bit interested. That does two things: helps you build your coaching skills and puts people in your pipeline.

Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you want to talk more.

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