Reply To: Life Updates

 Juliana Sih


I hear a wobblyness in your client game. You have switched it up what you want to create several times. It’s like you are playing chess but keep moving the pieces around, making it complicated, hard and impossible to win at. Also I hear an unwillingness or resignation to take “different” action around your client game. Whats that about?

I totally hear and see you about the struggle-town, I have been and am in a similar place.

But in knowing your pattern around wobble, since this played out in AC last year, what do you see would be different if you got SUPER complete about your client game, kinda like you did with AC on India? What would that shift (if anything)? What would be possible from that crystal squeaky clean place?

I love you, you are a badass coach, and have no doubt in my mind you can have your dream practice, if thats what you want. And if it’s not, I also know a company will be very lucky to have you.

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