Reply To: CG breakdown to breakthrough

 Juliana Sih

So on top of the other things I have been doing, I want to add a few more structures to my client game.

There are things I have been unwilling to do that these next 2 weeks I want to break up, like inviting people into my practice who I WANT to work with. And I have it thats affecting me more than I would like to admit. The other thing I see is that there is a gap in my 1) follow-up process, 2) getting potential client objections and 3) standing for those who said yes but don’t get on the phone with me again.

I would love some support in these areas. Just last week I had this happen. I had a potential client who talked about how this was the right time for a coach, was excited for every call until the last one, where he was supposed to decide the length of the contract, move forward and didn’t show up to the call and is now ghosting. I know this isn’t about me, but I haven’t had success in getting people back on the phone. Must be my “sales” smell or something, not sure.

Who has something they can offer me in any or all of these areas. I am excited to step into the “scary” ooee gooey stuff and for me to get over my fear of rejection and the other interpretations that come along with that lol.

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