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 Jeff Miller

I love what everyone has shared so far! Here are my top 3 things that I have done for my client game…

1) BNI – So I have had 7 people in my BNI group hire me. 1 person has hired me twice. I have been in BNI for two years now. We have had between 19-25 members in our group over the past two years. BNI was great for me in the beginning to practice talking about coaching every week. It was great to have a simple structure where I knew that I would be marketing myself at least once a week. It also has been nice to build relationships with other entrepreneurs who genuinely want you to win.

2) Creating my Non-Negotiable around Client Game – This is actually relatively new for me. So you could say this was 3 plus years in the making. Here is what they are:

  • 9-10am every Tuesday is dedicated to my client game
  • Have at least 2 SS/Possibility Conversations per week
  • Get hired once a month
  • I pick a rate at which I will get hired at for the next 2 clients.

3) Ask family, close friends and previous clients for referrals – This is something that I resisted a lot in the beginning. This is also where some of my most long-term clients have come from. It is amazing to see someone come to a possibility conversation both wanting a coach and already knowing a lot about you.

That’s what I got. Hope this helps.

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