Reply To: Couple's "I" Exercise

 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Team!

I am truly sorry for the delay on posting the recording of this exercise. I did record it on my zoom on my laptop AND I am unable to locate the recording!!! I don’t know if my computer/zoom put it somewhere weird because it was a large file (over 2 hours) or what. Sorry about this breakdown. I will keep looking and ask some techie friends for help/call zoom directly to see if I can retrieve it.

I had an incredibly heart opening and powerful experience sharing this exercise with T. Shawna Battaglia and Jenn Narragon ( 2 AC graduates who live in SLO) came over to my house on Monday 1/30/19 and facilitated the exercise. Nichole joined via zoom to observe for part of the time.

My experience is that it felt scary and also empowering to be so honest and so present. It was also very exhausting and I felt drained for most of the rest of the day. I loved having everyone in my house and, speaking of love- there was so much open hearted, present and connected energy in the space. It was truly beautiful and profound.

I am so grateful to T, to Nichole, to Jenn, Shawna AND to our entire team for the partnership we are in creating this amazing opportunity to breakthrough and break up a bunch of the old disempowering stories. I felt so much profound gratitude for T that she was willing to come to my house, to be there with me, to do the work and to partner with me in showing me a different way to be in relationship and to work through it. I am forever changed, so happy and so, so excited to see all of you in person in just a few short weeks!!!


All my big, beautiful heart full of LOVE;


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