Reply To: Spirit Animal Retrieval Workshop

 Tiffany Turner

Hi Team, sorry for my silence on this thread. I’ve had loads of side convos and independent thoughts, but those things would have been of higher service to team if spoken here.

We didn’t generate the 6 person minimum to bring Chelsea into town, and Nichole, I’m sorry that I never answered your question. I went in with SD Monthly to enroll them a few times and then had mixed feelings about including non AC people and just fell silent. I’m sorry for the impact because I’m sure we could have worked together to create something.

I booked my flight in to SD Thursday night, so I’d love to plan to spend time together Friday. What ideas do you all have for a team activity?

I want to visit Sash! Or go to a farmers market. Or eat tacos at Charlie’s favorite taco spot. Or borrow one of Charlie’s wetsuits and boards and have a team board meeting.

What do you all say?

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