Reply To: Life Updates


I see a lot in your sharing, T. I am going to resist asking for permission to say what I see and go in.

You say you want 10-15 clients at $1100/month and that your hire rate is 5%. So is the unwillingness coming from doing the 200-300 sample sessions it might take to get hired 10-15 times? Or is it in shifting something that might make that percentage go up? Have you played around with different rates, and if so how did that affect the percentage? Did you derive that percentage after doing 20 ss and getting hired once, or after doing 60 ss and getting hired 3 times? In other words, how accurate is that?

I notice I have a lot more questions like… How many ss have you done in the last month? Two months? How are you tracking it? What else have you done to reach out to people and connect? Do you follow up after each of your ss? If so, how? I could go on. But you get the point.

It makes me curious about if you’ve brought this to your coach and what the outcome was. Were practice areas generated? Were they empowered? Are you working with the right coach?

It’s possible to create this if you want to create it. I am not convinced it’s what you want. If it was, you would be trying everything, wouldn’t you? What am I missing?

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