Reply To: January Payments

 Brittany Cotton

Hey Nichole-

Some information for you regarding AC Payments:

-The checks for us coaching our participants go out around the 14th of the month, so if you have your checks mailed expect them to arrive a few days after that.

-To be paid for your participant your participant must also be paid up. (i.e. As soon as Jonathan is paid for the months he owes, you will also get those checks).

-Regarding payment for November and Lauren, my guess is it was an oversight as the office was getting on track with us on who was coaching who. I suggest writing Carmi/Tiffany (finance/programs) and letting them know.

For you personally-

1. Completion. Sounds like you are holding some stuff on the office/AC which has you at effect of how its gone, and like you are being done to, versus this simply being a result of some miscommunications.

2. I hear your frustration, and I totally get it- I get frustrated when breakdowns occur and I don’t get paid, especially when it involves  a “middle man.” I appreciate your honesty, and what my ears perked up on was the context I hear in- “we have to be so responsible for making sure AC gets paid, but we don’t have the same courtesy of getting paid.” I hear story, at effect, us versus them, complaint, etc. I wonder what is available for you if you don’t look at this like AC getting paid, but Jonathan and all our participants having breakthroughs in how it goes for them. Yes they have to pay to be in the program, but the thing we are standing for is way bigger than their payment- its what it represents for them, the breakthrough available, and so forth.

If you look at your responsibility being to Jonathan, and serving him and his life, what becomes available? We often say “AC isn’t the thing, its the structure to create the thing.” My suspicion is this isn’t the only thing about AC that you hold, or have complaints about (I’m sure we all have a few), and Im interested in what it gets in the way of. If  AC or the back office is “the problem” how does that blind you? What conversation does that keep you in? What incompletions? This is for the rest of our team as well** please share if you hear something for you!

I can assure you every person in the AC office works their booty off to ensure the system works the way intended, and as we have all seen, it doesn’t always go perfectly. One of the things I love about living in SD is getting to meet all of them, and see the offices. I know we can get taken out by the breakdowns, but having spent time with everyone there, I know they really are on our side. In fact we are in the process of creating/launching an entirely new hub/platform/system for payments, contracts, etc, that is completely designed with us and our clients in mind!

What else do you need to be complete and empowered?

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