Reply To: January Payments

 Jeff Miller

This is some good stuff! Thank Nichole for bringing your authenticity and Brittany thank you for bringing some solid content and amazing context to this conversation. I don’t have anything to add regarding the content. Brittany did a great job with that. I would also echo that the frustration you are feeling Nichole is completely normal and something we have all felt. Similar to Brittany, I have met the AC office folks on several occasions. They are amazing people who really work hard to have the “system” work for everyone. And if there is anything we can count on with AC is that they are always exploring better ways to improve things.

For you Nichole, I would consider doing weekly or even daily completion. I believe it was LKT who took on daily completion last year and she can speak to the massive shifts that it made. I know for myself, I will be talking on weekly completion consistently from here on out. What I notice with myself is that if I don’t small things become big things and that shows up as resentment for me. Hear anything for yourself or anyone else on team?

I also love what Brittany pointed to about the point of us being here is for the participants to get there breakthroughs. EVERYTHING ELSE IS SECOND. I actually love this idea. It brings me back to service and the whole reason I signed on as a mentor/program coach. Through that lens I always get what I came for and more.

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