Reply To: 2020 Integrity! Happy New Year Leaders.

 Sabrina Pratt





DATE: 1/6/20

PC/LIT NAME: Sabrina Pratt



PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: I am looking for some support around Lesa’s avoidance/re-scheduling. She is not checked out on essence, has rescheduled last minute quite a few times, no declaration or intention around a recorded call- what to do?


Client Game: So excited about possibility!!! 

Current FP Clients: 4

Clients through AC: 4

Coach Paid: no

Clients Paid: no 

Insurance: Yes

Holding anything: No

Sample Sessions had Last 7 days: 0

Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 0  

By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? I  have a mini project going to be hired one more time before we sit for module so I’ve got some SS to schedule this week and follow ups to do to get into adequate action to create that one more FP by 1/11/20!


My Projects:


  1. Coaching Practice: Create Full coaching practice of 10 full pay clients by 2/20/20

Milestone: 5 Full pay clients by 1/11/20

Update: new fp client started this week, I am out of integrity with the action needed to generate my next hire/milestone


  1. Certification Project: Achieve ACC Certification by 1/29/20

Update: Will create enrollment with PCC by 1/15/20 to review call


  1. House project

Ongoing making my house amazing project

Update: painting office! Cleaned up yard and hot tub!


  1. Community & Connection Project

Update: had an amazing witchy vision board night for 12/29/19


# of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: not sure what to put here…


PARTICIPANT NAME 1: Lesa Hudspeth: Lesa has generated some very empowering breakthroughs in communication, connection and relationship. She had a difficult emotional time of it over the holidays as it was the one year anniversary of the death of her step father, who was her father figure. Lesa continues to be at effect in many areas of her life like time, money, other people’s desires for her but is empowered around discovering new awareness and practicing a new way of being. 


PARTICIPANT NAME 2: Andrew Mai: Andrew has had a few SS and is empowered in his projects. He has emailed me his recorded call and we will review tomorrow. Andrew has expressed some frustration and sadness that his friends don’t seem to “get coach” and sometimes outright put him down for his choice to become a life coach. 


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