Reply To: Participant Check Ins 1/7/2020!

 Sabrina Pratt

Lesa has asked that this email be her check in for the week.

I need support with Lesa- I am finding that she is very slippery, does not have any projects that she is working with and often “doesn’t know” how or what to do/what to talk about/request from coaching. She does seem to gather value from our sessions but she also seems to be very at effect of her job/her life/time context/circumstances/other people’s desires for her life, etc. I really enjoy talking with Lesa but I can also see how her SM is using our “relationship” (friendship and mutual desire to be liked) to hide from Lesa what she actually wants for her life and how she can go about getting it.


Anyhow- here is her check in:

Hi Sabrina,

So sorry for the late reply to this– I didn’t check my email the last couple of days since I was off work and needing to unplug.  I’m going through a bit of a major break up plus all the changes at work.  Just trying to stay sane through navigating everything changing rather rapidly.  Wish I’d know about Saturday– I’d have taken you up on that!
Wednesday at 4pm is still good for me 🙂
Looking forward to our call.  While I have not spent a lot of time on MOPA’s this last week, I did spend a lot of time practicing staying out of my survival mechanisms and it’s created some interesting shifts.  Nichole called it a “pop” because one happened yesterday when I was just making toast.  I know I’ve kinda “gone dark” and been quiet over here, but I needed to in order to get to where I did, and I feel it’s a good place.  Talk soon!


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