Reply To: Ryan M. Red Flag

 Jeff Miller

Hey Team,

I just got off the phone with Ryan M from our session. Last week he ghosted me and didn’t show up. This week he didn’t really want to be on the call but attempted to get coached. He is very disempowered around the program and coming or not coming to the module. He is still undecided whether he will be attending.

He shared with me that he was very triggered and upset when AC did not honor his request to have December counted as one of the 3 months he would need to pay for. His payment is at a standstill because of this and he is refusing to pay if December is not included.

I reflected some things and asked questions about his SM, but he spent most of the call uncoachable and unwilling. I will get complete tonight and I do relate to Ryan as his Essence. We did establish that if he were to be more ungetable that would be worth leaning into the program and his team. That is all for now. Thanks for the support!

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