Reply To: January Payments


To respond to a few things… I do look at my responsibility to Jonathan first. My noticing inefficiencies with the back office or having “complaints”/questions about payments is not in place of my responsibility to Jonathan. It’s a separate thing.

I also have no doubt that the people in the office are working hard. I am not questioning anyone’s work ethic. It’s the system in place that is not providing a good service, in my opinion. And predictably my concerns are met with pointing to completion. I knew when I posted this that would be the response. So yes, I can get complete on my experience with AC and with the responses that I got to my concerns.

I still have questions about the contract. I think AC is relying a lot on the fact that the people involved have tools for completion as long as they wrap everything in an opportunity for a breakthrough. I’m not trying to be a pain in the ass or dramatic. I just notice that a lot of valid concerns are ignored in place of some teachable moment. It seems deflective. I’ll work myself out and come back in.

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