Reply To: Mike's Greatness and may be support request

 Aarti Mallya

Speaking overall went great this past Friday. Got 2 sample sessions schedule that day. It didn’t quite go as planned as I skipped over some stuff  from being a little nervous and forgetting what I was going to say but it worked out and ended at 11 min and 45 seconds and had a 12 min slot. I have another one set up for this Thursday. I also just yesterday set up another sample session partially from my Friday speaking thing.

What I’m committed to, to keep up progress in part is going to at least 3 networking groups a week. Speaking at least once a week all of Q1 in front of at least 5 people or more and for at least 8 minutes or more. Those are two solid things I have right now.

Also I have put a request on this thread for support with a completion diet til the end of January with two at week for all the great things we know completion provides. To help keep me in my being, especially with all the new levels of actions. I will continue be a stand for support with this. My request is that each person on team participates once in doing a 30 min completion with me. So if you could pick 1 to 2 dates and we put it in our calendars so we follow though that would be greatly appreciated. (PT time)

My requested days and time are:

Wednesday after reg so 1 to 1:30

and Friday 10 to 10:30

As always if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please say so.


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