Reply To: Spirit Animal Retrieval Workshop

 Charlie Horn

I’m down for a board meeting!! The thing about San Diego is there are hundreds of taco shops and most of them are average at best. Then there are more refined taco shops for the refined palate that are reserved for special occasions only. My go to taco shop is Estrada’s here in santee mainly because of convenience. Lillian and I get breakfast burritos and go the Gillespie field to watch the planes take off and land as we eat them. It’s an awesome ritual we have together. Oscars Mexican food on emerald in PB is perfect for a post board meting taco Tuesday session. And if you want to have the more refined experience the blind burro across the street from petco park has award winning tacos and this insane Spicy corn side dish that is muy delicioso.

lets meet up at sash for a tour and then go get some  Mexican food. And  unless we get some big swell in the water  I can take everyone out Friday after lunch I’m booked for the morning.
im still in for the spirit animal workshop and from now until the end of time I would like to have that experience. And with all of you. 👍 what other modules can we make it happen?

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